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The EasiADVANTAGE is a sub-program under the EasiPREP test and examination preparations service that is designed to compliment EasiPREP’s core test and examination simulation solutions in delivering a more comprehensive and effective examination preparation experience by providing an interactive forum for students, teachers and examiners to exchange academic information relevant to examination preparation, solve various type of questions, examine subject fundamentals and get advice and invaluable tips.

Connecting Students, Teachers and Examiners

The EasiADVANTAGE program provides a dynamic platform for connecting students, teachers and examiners without the obstacles of geographic location, time and inflexible schedules by creating an online co-study, co-preparation community. Students can explore thousands of relevant academic topics, ask questions without the pressures of the traditional classroom, contribute solutions to questions by other students and share tips with contribution from experience teachers and examiners and central moderation of content exchange to continually ensure that the forum content remains accurate, relevant and in line with the founding objectives.
The flagship product or application under the EasiADVANTAGETM program is the interactive, internet-based membership forum. Membership is free to EasiPREP customers and necessitated by the need to regulate content and ensure that information flow on the forum is kept on track and relevant. Some of the features of the forum include:

  • The capability to ask questions and get answers to them every-day of the week, 24 hours a day. This is because the forum is always available on the internet round-the-clock and members are free to access it at all hours.
  • Students earn reward points for successfully assisting each other in resolving academic problems. These reward points can be redeemed monthly or quarterly for gift items from EasiPREP.
  • Members have access to search all content on the forum to access archived material. Thus relevant answered questions can be easily accessed and utilized instead of asking the same questions again.

The Monthly Newsletter: Staying in touch

The EasiADVANTAGE program also features a monthly newsletter that contains examination preparation information, subject fundamentals, interviews, tutorials and articles by teachers, examiners and even students. For members without regular internet access, the newsletter provides a summary of the monthly activities, priority information and refreshing news that can easily be archived on the member computers or even printed out for later reading. And for members who regularly visit the forum, the newsletter also remains invaluable as a source of priority information, articles and interviews and subject fundamentals that have been selected for general appeal and importance. While the forum is a like a vast community with tons of invaluable information and offers the advantage of interactivity, the newsletters brings home important selected issues and information that is particular to practically all members.

Keeping Everyone Informed and Up-to-date

Information is power, and the belief in that statement is no different at EasiPREP. Information could save tons of wasted effort and exertions and make a lot of difference where nothing else would. The EasiADVANTAGETM incorporates a internet bulletin and announcements board that contains current and archived information relevant and invaluable to members in their examination preparation. Some of the information offered include test or examination dates, examination requirements, breaking news on examinations and tests, important tips, checklist and advisory information, registration details for international examinations and important alerts for examination bodies or industry news.
The goal of the EasiADVANTAGE program is to create a mutually beneficial community of EasiPREP customers to complete the examination and test preparation experience and ensure that students are wholly prepared academically and psychologically for their test and examinations, which is a sure guarantee for success.