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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our products and services. Please check the list below to see if your question is addressed. If your question is not satisfactorily addressed, you may contact us using information available on our contact page.

How do I register online?

You can register online by visiting the customer login area and clicking on the link below the login button for registration. You would be taken to the registration page where you can provide the necessary details to register. However, you registration would be provisional until you have made payment for your selected packages on EasiPREP.

What other ways can I register?

You can register through your school or institution if they are an EasiPrep partner. You would be provided a registration form and necessary payment made to them. You can confirm if you school is an EasiPrep partner by making enquiries from your school principal or any other senior administrative staff in the school. You may also send us an email on the issue using information available on our contact page.

May I subscribe to an EasiPrep package or plan and pay later?

Registration with EasiPrep is free but you cannot access any course or package plan without have made payment for the package or plan. EasiPrep offers at least half-dozen packages and plans for examination and test preparation and students are free to subscribe to as many packages and plans as they may wish.

Does EasiPrep offer discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts on multiple package subscriptions by a single individual. Thus if you subscribe to more than one package on the EasiPrep package plans, you get a discount on the total cost. However, actual discount amount may vary from time to time depending on our sales promotion policy.

Does EasiPrep offer a guarantee?

The 19th century French scientist Louis Pasteur once stated: "Chance favours the prepared mind". And from history, it could easily be deduced that success favours the prepared, particularly in academic matters.
EasiPrep offers innovative means of practicing for examinations and tests and identifying as well as improving on academic weaknesses. Performance analysis is available through extensive reports and the student's gradual improvement can easily be monitored. It is thus easy for us to state that all things being normal and with consistent practice and score improvement on EasiPrep, a student is guaranteed to excel in the real examination or test as close as possible to his repeated grades on the EasiPrep practice.

How soon before my examination should I subscribe to EasiPrep?

Practice as the saying goes, makes perfect. It is generally advisable that preparation starts at least a year to the examination. That allows a lot of practice time and improvement on weak areas without stressing the student or creating a tight practice schedule.

When does the EasiPrep subscription commence?

An EasiPrep package subscription commences from the date of payment for the package plan and ends a full calendar year or two after, depending on the subscription plan chosen (i.e. 1 or 2 years).

When does the EasiPrep subscription commence?

An EasiPrep package subscription commences from the date of payment for the package plan and ends a full calendar year or two after, depending on the subscription plan chosen (i.e. 1 or 2 years).

Can two or more people share the same subscription account?

No. An EasiPrep account is exclusively for one person and sharing is prohibited and a violation of the terms of use of EasiPrep services which if discovered, would lead to the suspension or de-activation of the affected account.

How do you guarantee the accuracy of your content?

All academic content used by us are certified by our panel of experienced examiners and teachers each with at least 20 years relevant teaching, subject expertise and examining experience. Thus you can be sure that answers to questions and finalized answers or responses on the forum are academically accurate.

Do you have any affiliation with the examination bodies?

We are an examination and test preparation service and solutions provider and do not have any affiliation or partnership with the examination bodies.

How does EasiPrep compare with any other online preparation service?

Most online preparation services offer simple examination or test question simulation practices. EasiPrep offers a lot more than that, including remote essay and worked questions grading services, model essay and question banks, academic forums with interactive exchanges, bulletins and extensive performance reports suitable not only for students but also schools, teachers and parents. EasiPrep content are academically relevant to the target examinations and we have experienced examiners as consultants and employees to ensure that.

Does EasiPrep offer private tutoring or coaching services?

No. EasiPrep's examination and test preparation services are offered primarily through our website and associated electronic media.