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EasiPREP Overview

EasiPREP is an innovative examinations and tests preparations service that provides students with comprehensive electronic and internet-based tools, test and examinations simulation software and other preparatory resources for major secondary, post-secondary, graduate and post-graduate academic tests and examinations. Some of the tests and examinations for which EasiPREP currently offer preparatory services include SSCE, NECO, GCE, JAMB-UME, JAMB-PCE, SAT, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT.

EasiPREP places particular emphasis on accuracy of information considering the obvious importance to academic excellence, ease-of-use and flexibility. With EasiPREP, students get the opportunity to do the following:

  1. Practice with past questions of relevant tests and examinations using an internet-based simulation tool that accurately applies the time limits required to take the real-world tests or examinations and offers instant grading of the test or examinations on completion as well as feedbacks on answers and question revision.
  2. Interact with fellow students through an internet-based forum that encourages academic collaboration, question and answer sessions and student-to-student teaching assistance with contributions and guidance from experienced teachers and examiners and the additional advantage to students, particularly shy ones, of being able to ask questions without being heckled by classmates.
  3. Get up-to-date information on specific tests and examinations in addition to academic advisory services, information on test and exam-taking strategies and invaluable tips for experienced examiners and teachers.
  4. Have access to hundreds of model essays and solved theory questions as well as grading services for preparatory essays written by the students and solved theory questions that are graded by experienced examiners and teachers selected by EasiPREP.
  5. Access to performance reports by students to enable them track their performance in various test and examinations prep practice on EasiPREP. Reports can also be optionally made available to their schools, study groups or training centers via email or direct access on the EasiPREP website with authorization.

EasiPREP offers lots of advantages over ordinary paper and pencil preparations and takes the chore out of test and examinations preparations by being flexible enough to accommodate virtually any practice schedule and being available round-the-clock all-year-round. The test and examinations simulation allows students to practice in an internet-based testing environment and randomizes questions so that it remains refreshing even after several test-taking practices. The program is so flexible that even students without computers can walk into an internet café or public computer center and practice online without any hassles.

The solutions to questions are provided by experienced examiners and teachers, thus guaranteeing high information accuracy. An interactive forum is also available to help students out and treat various topics and issues relevant to test and examinations preparations being undertaken by the students.

With the trend going in the direction of CBT (computer-based testing) and iBT (internet-based testing), EasiPREP gives a lot of edge to students and schools who are smart enough to join the program and get ahead of others in good time.