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Payment Information

Payment for subscriptions to EasiPREP Packages and Plans should be made to any of the designated bank accounts listed below in the Banking Information section. Payments may be lumped for multiple subscriptions and the actual subscription information specified or stated out in the Payment Notification form on this website. Please follow the payment instructions carefully to avoid delay in account activation or package subscription activation.

Payment Instructions

Payment to any of the underlisted bank accounts could be made via direct cash lodgement, bank cheque, bank draft or electronic bank transfer. However, when making payment, please take time to ensure that the payee PAYEE INFORMATION on the bank payment teller contains your registered USERNAME in front of which you may now bracket your proper names. After payment has been made, you are required to use the Payment Notification form on this website to send information to us about your payment with all necessary accompanying details.

Banking Information

Bank Name:      Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) PLC
Account Name: EasiPREP Nigeria Ltd
Account No:      0034855341

Bank Name:      United Bank for Africa (UBA) PLC
Account Name: EasiPREP Nigeria Ltd
Account No:      1015392940