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Documents & Downloads

EasiPREP offers brochures, guides and support materials in a printable format for easy distribution. Simply download the documents that you need by selecting from the list below.

You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader to view these materials.

Brochure or Guide Description
Who is EasiPREP?
253 kb PDF
One-sheet flyer with basic information about EasiPREP and its offerings
7 Reasons To Signup With EasiPREP
46 kb PDF
Article highlighting seven key reasons why signing up for EasiPREP services and solutions make a lot of sense
EasiPREP: Exam Prep Made Easy!
48 kb PDF
Article on the attraction of the flexibility of delivery, convenience of access and benefits of the feedback and monitoring features of the EasiPREP service
EasiPREP in Brief
359 kb PDF
Summary information on EasiPREP service and solution offerings including features, benefits, available subscription packages and educational importance
Introducing the Easi ADVANTAGE
44 kb PDF
Learn more about the EasiADVANTAGE program offerings, features and benefits as complimentary to the core EasiPREP services and solutions
What Do Parents Have To Do With It?
42 kb PDF
Article on the benefits and applications to modern-day parenting with EasiPREP's innovative services and solutions
EasiPREP Presentation for Schools
152 kb PPT
A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on EasiPREP's servics and solutions as applicable to schools genuinely interested in improving their students scores and grades
EasiPREP Presentation for Schools
103 kb PDF
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) copy of the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on EasiPREP's servics and solutions for schools