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Exam and Test Preparations are practically as old in history as tests and exams and have been shown by countless reports to have direct effects on the outcome of tests and examinations. It is thus always never strange that exams favour the prepared mind, much like Louis Pasteur stated decades ago that "Chance favours the prepared mind".

EasiPREP takes exam and test preparations to a new height by allowing students to prepare for examinations and tests anywhere, anyday and anytime without the pressure of a general schedule, class consensus or teacher inclinations. In addition, students get grading services and academic assistance in their examination and test preparation from experienced teachers and examiners assembled by EasiPREP to provide remote, internet-based services through the EasiPREP interactive forum for the general EasiPREP program as a whole.

EasiPREP's suite of examination and test preparation services and solutions are designed to bring out the best in students by providing flexible practice schedules, relevant materials and preparation guidance and excellent certified academic content from experienced examiners and teachers, thus guaranteeing superior performance in the major examinations targeted by the students using the EasiPREP service. Some of EasiPREP offerings include the following:

Online Tests & Examinations Simulation

EasiPREP provides an internet-based platform for test and examination simulation where students can easily login and practice with past questions in a simulated testing environment. At the end of the practice session, students instantly get their attempts grades and feedback provided on wrong answers along with assistance on avoiding future mistakes as well as understanding any necessary fndamental topics. The EasiPREP simulation platform comes with lots of reports that allow students as well as teachers and parents to monitor and track the progress of the student as he or she practices over time.

The internet-based test and examination simulation platform offers round-the-clock availability all-year-round and does not require the students to install any program or software on their computers. All that is required to access the system is an internet browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. Thus students can practice on public computers in internet cafes as easily as they can on their personal computers.

Essay & Worked Questions Preparations

The Essay and Worked Questions preparation service allow students to practice English Language essays and worked solutions to questions which are remotely graded by our team of experienced teachers and examiners. Students submit the essays or worked solutions through the EasiPREP website or via emails with or without attachments to the remote grading service. The graded responses, analysis and feedback are posted to the EasiPREP website by the examiners and teachers, where it is accessible to the students. For more information about the Essay Preparation service, Click Here.

EasiADVANTAGE: Newsletter, Forum & Bulletin

The EasiPREP service comes with the EasiADVANTAGE program which is accessible to all registered members using the EasiPREP website. The EasiADVANTAGE program is designed to complement the other services in the EasiPREP test and examination preparation suite to ensure comprehensive preparation for students, thereby increasing the guarantee for success in the targeted examinations. Through the EasiADVANTAGE program, students get access to a monthly newsletter and an interactive forum and bulletin anchored and moderated by experienced teachers and examiners. Students can ask questions on the forums and have them responded to and reviewed by fellow students as well as their teachers and the EasiPREP academic team. This complements their solo practice sessions with a collaborative learning environment that allows for information exchange and a lot of other benefits in their test and examination preparation efforts. For more information about the EasiADVANTAGE program, Click Here.