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EasiPREP offers innovative, dynamic and effective test and examination preparation services and solutions with such ease and flexibility of use that makes it adaptable to any practice student schedule. EasiPREP services are available round-the-clock and all-year-round including holidays, thus guaranteeing that students can practice for examinations at anytime and at anywhere.

Students can register for EasiPREP either directly on the EasiPREP website or through their school if the school is an EasiPREP Institution Partner. Students can easily confirm from their school to know the partner status of their schools.

Direct Registration on EasiPREP Website

Students register directly through EasiPREP by using the Registration Form provided on this website. Then they can make subscrption payment for packages directly to any of the listed bank accounts for EasiPREP subscription payments on this website, after which they are to send the payment notification using this same website to EasiPREP for necessary processing. Bank and payment information is available under the Pricing & Plans section of this website.

Regsitration through EasiPREP Partner

Students in schools that are EasiPREP Institutional Partners can register through the schools who would provide them with the necessary registration form. Students who register through their schools also make payments through their schools, who as authorized EasiPREP Partners, would communicate all necessary information and relevant details to EasiPREP. The students would also get their login details to the EasiPREP website from their schools. Students can confirm the partner status of their schools from their School Principals or contact EasiPREP using information available on the Contact Page on this website.